Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slackin' (this is a looooong post!)

OMG--it has been forever and a day since I posted anything! We have been busy busy busy, and our computer is on the fritz so I have been using Aaron's work laptop to keep caught up on stuff. That also means that I am not able to upload pictures to our computer, so while I have taken tons of pictures, I can't show any of them to you! Sorry! Anyway, lots has been going on so I'll try to get ya'll caught up on what's been happening in our little world.

Since my last post, Drew has flown past his 7-month "birthday" and just a few days ago, his 8-month "birthday". I absolutely cannot believe time is flying by so quickly. I thought once I was staying home with the boys and getting to see them grow up every day, all day that things would slow down...not so! Currently, Drew is quite a crawler, but has not mastered getting up on all fours--he still does the army crawl. But he's VERY fast! Every once in a while, he will do a perfect plank pose when he's crawling along. He loves to stand up and can do that while holding on with only one hand--he's wobbly, but he stands. A lot of times when I try to sit him down on the floor, he just straightens his legs so he can stand up and I have to sort of force him to bend in the middle. He is FINALLY about to get his first tooth. It is just right there at the gum line, about to break through.

A couple of little things I have noticed in the last week are, 1.) He is starting to realize that there are strangers. He used to smile and get so excited at anyone and everyone if they gave him the time of day. Now, he'll still smile at people, but sometimes it takes him a second--like he's sizing them up, figuring out if they're okay or not. Then comes the smile. And 2.) When I'm getting him out of his carseat, he kind of knows what to do with his arms to get them out of the straps; then when they are both out of the straps, he leans his body forward so I can pick him up. I know it's such a small thing, but it's just something I've noticed. He also ADORES his big brother!!!

Speaking of his big brother, Trent has been having a great time playing soccer the last month or so. He's already had 2 games and scored a goal in his very first game! The games are really cute to watch--it's 3-5 year olds. He is also really enjoying his preschool, and I am so excited about him starting kindergarten next year in a brand new school. It is called Mossman Elementary, and it's not quite finished being built yet, but I can't wait to see it because it is going to be really nice! There's really not much else going on with Trent. He makes me laugh every day and is so sweet, especially to his brother.

Aaron has been working really hard lately. I won't bore you with the space geek details, but he really does have a cool job, and most days, he agrees with that. There are some days I think he wants to tell some people to shove it, but that's true for every red-blooded American. Not sure if I've blogged about this yet, but we are possibly pushing for Eglin AFB for his next assignment (that's in Florida). So we'll still be in hurricane central--hooray. But hey, I can't complain--the base is here! But that's still about 2 years away. I don't want to leave Texas for anything in the world, but there's really no way that the AF will let us stay in Texas and still have a good career.

As for me, a couple of weeks ago I went to San Antonio to meet up with Laura Freeman, Amanda Gevecker, and Rebecca Bowen for a girls' getaway weekend on the Riverwalk. Four moms on the Riverwalk with no husbands or kids--yeah, we had a blast. We have 6 sons among the 4 of us, so we were in desperate need of girl time! And if that were not enough girl time, I just joined a women's group at the church where Trent's preschool is. The group is called "Girlfriends" and we meet on Thursday mornings at 10am. There are several small groups that break off from our large group, and I am so excited about the one I am in. It's called Really Bad Girls of the Bible: More Lessons from Less-Than-Perfect Women. I just got the book for it today and tomorrow we are discussing Chapter 1, which is called Dead Man Talking--Medium of En Dor: Bad Moon Rising. The author has written several books about women from the Bible and relates them to fictional stories written about women and situations today. You can read more about the series here.

Hopefully, we'll have our computer up and running again soon so I can keep caught up on my blogging!