Tuesday, June 30, 2009

VBS and Aunt T & John's visit

Trent has now completed 2 Vacation Bible Schools in back to back weeks. The first one was at First Baptist Church in Seabrook. On Friday evening of that week, they had a family night where the kids performed songs they had learned that week, and they got their certificates of completion. Traci and John came to visit us that weekend, so they got to go with us. I don't have any pictures of his 2nd week of VBS, but it was at Bay Harbour UMC (where his preschool was). He had a great time both weeks and learned a lot!
John, Traci, and Trent at family night--FBC Seabrook

Singing his little heart out

Concentrating really hard on Guitar Hero

Random pictures

Don't ask me how he got a piece of cheese on his head! Maybe he's a Packers fan? I guess I'll have to teach him that we are Cowboys fans, and nothing else! :)

Trent's swim lessons--most of the pictures I took were of him putting his face in the water because I couldn't believe he was actually putting his face in the water! I'll spare you the repeats and just post one.

Too funny!

TWO teeth! (He now has 4, by the way, but he is so hard to get still enough for a picture these days!)

I don't want to sound conceited, but my kids are heartstoppingly adorable! :)

I'm gonna get you, big brother!



Another anniversary and Pictures from the lake

Yay! I found (well, actually Aaron did) our memory stick adapter! One quick side note--Sunday, as you know if you read my blog, was Aaron's and my 6 year anniversary. Well, I am celebrating another "anniversary" today--I have been a stay-at-home mom for a year now. This day last year was my last day of work--getting paid for it, at least! I love staying home with my boys and getting to see everything they're doing. So fun! Anyway, here come the pictures...

We went to Horseshoe Bay with our friends Conly, Amanda, and Ryder Gevecker and Wes, Rebecca, and Jacob Bowen the last weekend in May.
Drew stuffed into his life jacket

Trent and Conly driving the boat

Drew's hair is out of control!

My life!

Ryder with the wind in his hair

The boys in the water with Daddy

Drew LOVES the water! He's ready to swim!

Drew and Ryder at an AMAZING BBQ restaurant--George Bush goes there!

Drew, Ryder, and Jacob--I LOVE this picture and I LOVE these boys!

Daddy and Trent going tubin'

Saturday, June 27, 2009

6 years!

I know I say this every year, but I can't believe how much time has gone by. Our 6th anniversary is tomorrow (6/28). Hard to believe. I'm so glad the Lord chose Aaron for me. He truly amazes me every day with how incredible he is at being a husband and father. I am one lucky, lucky girl!

We don't have anything overly special planned--just spending time together is enough for us. We'll probably go to dinner or something. We'll see.

We had an exhausting but fun day with our friends Mark, Martha, and Mark's son Dylan at their pool. They live in some really nice apartments in Houston, and Dylan was visiting Mark this weekend (Dylan lives with his mom in Missouri--boo). Trent and Dylan (who will be 4 in August) had such a great time together today, and I would post pictures, but I can't find our memory stick adapter to upload the pictures onto our computer. It's always something! Anyway, Trent and Drew were completely exhausted. When we left, I don't think Drew made it down the street before he was out like a light. And I just carried him inside when we got home and plopped him down in bed and he never moved a muscle. We had such a great time--we don't see Mark and Martha often enough. I just adore them.

I'm going to go spend some time with my husband of 6 years now since our kids are tucked in bed. It's so quiet after they go to bed--I love it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Trent's Preschool Graduation and Last Day of School Picnic

Here's a slide show and a video from Trent's preschool graduation from Happy Harbour Early Childhood Program. He had a great year at Happy Harbour. There are also some pictures on the slide show from the family picnic on the last day of school. We had perfect weather that day. It was warm, but we had a nice breeze blowing through. I wish I had gotten video of Trent getting his "diploma" because he cracked the whole room up. I wish I could describe it, but you would just have to see it. He basically did a really dorky run across the stage to his teachers. Everybody that I talked to said that it was "so Trent"! He is definitely a class clown! I couldn't even get a good picture of him getting his diploma--couldn't find the right setting on our camera. The video I have on here is all the graduating kids singing. I couldn't tell you what they are saying, but I like to watch Trent's antics and all the kids' reactions to the song. So cute!

Kindergarten--here he comes!

Drew's 1st tooth

Drew's first tooth finally came through his gums around the end of April when he turned 9 months old. Here it is all the way in...just the one tooth! He now has 2 teeth--he got the second one the beginning of June, just after he turned 10 months old. The 2nd is still growing in, but it has almost even with the 1st. He had a rough time cutting the 2nd one. I felt so bad for him--he had a low grade fever constantly (Motrin and Tylenol didn't help much), and he just wanted to be held all the time, which I was more than happy to do! :) Even when I was holding him, he was just sort of whimpering and whining the whole time...heartbreaking! Anyway, here's a pic of the 1st tooth.

Just a funny video

A few weeks back, Drew would just all of a sudden start yelling at nothing, and it was just gibberish, but it sounded like he knew what he was talking about. We thought maybe it's the German in him, and heck, maybe he's speaking German. Kinda sounds like a German movie. I have no idea what he's yelling at either because he's not looking at anybody, but he does yell at the same spot the whole time. Anyway, I think this video is adorable.

Mother's Day

Trent's preschool class put on a special Mother's Day tea party for all their mommies on the Friday before Mother's Day. It was so sweet! I love my baby boy!

Trent and Mommy

The class singing a song to their moms

Bringing me some muffins

When you're 5, you have to make 2 trips if there's a plate and cup involved

My sweet boy and me

The whole class with their wonderful teachers, Ms. Susan and Ms. Kathy
This was one of my gifts--a basil plant that Trent planted. I've managed to keep it alive too!
This was on actual Mother's Day at my Granny's house--me and my other sweet boy! He was so tired at this point.

Kenny Chesney 2009

I haven't been very good at catching up on my blogging, so I have decided to just hit the highlights in hopes of catching up to present day.

We went to see Kenny Chesney in The Woodlands (north of Houston) on May 3. It was my 5th time to see Kenny, and it is always so--much--fun! We went with my Kappa Delta big sis, SuAnn, her boyfriend JB, and some of her teacher friends. Here's a slideshow of the evening.