Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First blog...getting tired of MySpace

Okay, so I'm going to try this out. I figure it will be easier doing a blog in Google, since I already use Gmail for my email system. Better than having to log on to MySpace just to have them tell me they're "experiencing technical difficulties" and to try logging on later. Blech! Anyway, I didn't even know Google had a blog feature until I got an invite to my friend/sorority sister Wendy's Google blog page. So--a big shout out to Wendy for giving me the idea for this...and a little shout out to "Baby Q", the inspiration for her blog! :) WQ--I'm so excited for you and Mike! I loved reading all your blogs about your pregnancy. You are so funny!

I suppose I should write a little about what's going on with us. The main thing right now is my job situation. I wanted to become a teacher more than anything in the world (and still do), but I couldn't seem to find a job for this school year. I could substitute teach again this year, but #1--the pay is crappy, and #2--it feels more like a babysitting job than actual teaching. I don't feel like I'm getting good experience subbing, and I think if I had to sub for another year, I would be very jaded against the education field and wouldn't want to teach. So for now, I am going to bow out of education, and maybe next year something will come up. Which brings me to the events of the past few days. I had 2 interviews on Friday--one with Walgreens and one with Abercrombie Kids, both were for management positions. I did the Walgreens management internship back in college, and the manager that interviewed me offered me the job right after the interview without even talking to the other interviewees he had set up for the rest of the day. I told him I had another interview that afternoon and he told me to see what they had to offer and let him know what I decide. So I went to the Abercrombie interview, which turned out to be a "pre-screening" interview, meaning the guy interviewing me couldn't offer me a job. He could only turn over my information to the District Manager, who would then call me for a 2nd interview, blah blah blah. It seems like a good opportunity, but I think it would be less money, and after agonizing over it all weekend, weighing all the options, pros and cons of both jobs, and being advised by several people to take the Walgreens job.......I'm taking the Walgreens job! I am really excited about it because this means so much for my family. It's going to be rough for a while, as I will be working really awful hours and working on holidays, but if I pay my dues for a while, it will get a lot better and I will make even more money! Money is a much needed commodity in our house right now! And this job will also provide wonderful experience. I'm so ready to jump in head first and throw myself into this job and build an actual career for myself. If I get to teach in the future, GREAT...if I don't, this is something I can build on and be happy doing! That's all I've got for now! Wish me luck!

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