Thursday, April 10, 2008

New belly pic

Here's an updated pic of the belly. It's been a while since I posted one, so I have grown quite a bit! This was taken a few days ago at 22w 5d. I am now 23w 1d.

Baby Drew is just kicking away in there. That is my favorite part of pregnancy--it's a constant reminder that he is in there. Not that I could forget, but it's so cool when I'm thinking about something else and all of a sudden I feel him move as if to say, "Hey! I'm in here, you should be thinking about me, nothing else!" And I love that I'm the only one who can feel him all the time. Aaron and Trent can feel him from the outside now which is also very cool. Although Trent is usually not patient enough to sit there with his hand on my belly and wait to feel a kick, so I have to wait until Drew is very active to ask Trent if he wants to feel his brother kicking.

Last weekend was my weekend off and we hosted a promotion party for a friend of ours from Aaron's office. His name is Robert, he is married to Katie, and they have 2 little girls: Kennedy, who is 3 and makes a great playmate for Trent, and Riley, 1 1/2 months, who will make a great playmate for Drew! Robert got promoted to Captain a couple of months ago, but they had just moved here from their last station, and they live in an apartment, so they decided to wait to have a party. And since we have a house, we offered to have the party at our house. Even though it rained and was a bit chilly, everyone had a great time inside. Here's Trent and Kennedy hanging out in the garage...

We also got to babysit Riley on Saturday while Robert and Katie took Kennedy to see the Walking with Dinosaurs show at the Toyota Center. I wish we could have taken Trent because he would have LOVED it, but it sure was nice to get to take care of little Riley all day. She's so sweet and such a good baby!

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