Friday, March 12, 2010


I obviously have not kept up with my blog for anything, and that includes the progress I have made in running. I have actually worked my way up to running for 30 minutes without stopping. The other day I ran outside for the first time (I usually run on the treadmill), and it went great. On the treadmill, I usually only get about 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. So I was quite nervous about ever running a 5K because I didn't want to embarrass myself. But I knew that running outside was completely different. I wanted to get a baseline for running a 5K, so I mapped out a 3 mile route on Map My Run. I was finished in 32 minutes! I was so proud of myself. I guess I have been holding myself back on the treadmill. It really is a mental thing. But when you don't know how fast you're going when you're outside, you can surprise yourself. And I totally did! I was shocked when I looked at my watch when I was done, especially because I felt like I was crawling at some points when I was running into the wind. next step will be to run a 5K. I haven't decided when I will do that, but as soon as I find one and sign up for it, I will be sure to write about it here!


Melodie said...

ok! good for you! i am supposed to run a 5k in 2 weeks. i have run twice in the last month and have only gone 1.5miles. eeek! i got sick last week and it set me way back. my fear is that if a 5k takes away my ipod shuffle (because i hear that most races don't let you run with earbuds/music) then my distraction will be gone and i will fail miserably. headed outside to run this evening (in the horrid wind). you are so ready. go find yourself a 5k!

Matt Larson said...

Berger, I hate you and all your short/sandal wearing photos. It snowed here today. Also, I signed up for my first sprint length triathlon today.