Friday, October 17, 2008

Big boys

Drew is still sleeping through the night--last night he had a bottle at 8, had a bath, was in bed around 8:30 or 8:45 and was asleep before 9:00. And he didn't wake up until 5 this morning. Hallelujah! Trent was another story last night though. For some reason, he thought 3 in the morning meant it was time for breakfast because he was asking us for THREE IN THE MORNING! I thought I might have one less child by daybreak. After that, I couldn't get back to sleep until about 4:30 and then Drew woke up at 5. Aaron got up to feed him though so I was able to get a little more sleep. I got up around 7:30 or so and Trent was sleeping away in our bed. I was able to get up, get showered and dressed (Trent woke up around the time I was getting dressed), and get Trent his cereal 5 hours after he originally asked for it, before I went into Drew's room and he was smiling away in his crib. So I scooped him up and gave him a bottle. He is such a good baby!

After I dropped Trent off at preschool, Drew and I went for a nice long walk. It was cloudy and a little cooler today, but it was still pretty humid so once I got really moving, I was sweating. I walked about 1.75 miles. If you ever want to map out an exact distance for a walk or run around your neighborhood, go to Map My Run. You can also search for runs that other people have mapped out in your area. It's pretty cool.

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

Holding that head up! He is wearing his Texas Tech red and black, watching us almost get beaten by Nebraska.

So cute! Trent was never really able to wear overalls because he was so chubby, it just looked like it was cutting his circulation off--I'm serious, I have pictures!

Trent is so funny. His class got a visit from a police officer the other day and he got a badge sticker so I wanted to take his picture with it on. He was eating carrots and ranch (one of his newfound favorite snacks) and in the first picture I told him to say "Cheese" so he did that, but then he said, "I want to say 'carrots and ranch'." So the 2nd picture is of him saying "Carrots and ranch". I think I got him on the "ch" part.

Drew loves to look at himself in the mirror. I can't say I blame him, he is pretty darn cute! Here he is, hamming it up in front of our bathroom mirror.

This is Trent this morning before school. We bought him 2 new outfits the other day because he's outgrowing all his shorts right now and it's not quite cool enough for pants yet. We found the outfits in the boys' section! I can't believe my son wears clothes from the boys' section and is outgrowing the toddler section. He can still wear 5T clothes from the toddler section, but I don't think he will for long. Gosh, he's growing up so fast.
Drew is starting to show interest in his hands. He was staring at them earlier today, trying to figure out what he could do with them.
What are these?
Put 'em up, put 'em up!
We have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow we're helping our friends the Plunketts move to their new house. Next Thursday and Friday is the Fall Festival at Trent's school. Next Saturday we're going to Wings over Houston, which is the annual air show featuring the USAF Thunderbirds. That same evening we're going to try to go to the "Party in the Pumpkin Patch" at the church that Trent's preschool is in. They have lots of stuff for kids--a puppet show, trunk-or-treating (you go trick or treating to all the different cars in the parking lot and people decorate their trunk for Halloween). The next day, Sunday, Aaron is supposed to be running a half marathon (I think he's still doing it, anyway). And that same day is my Mom's Club's Halloween party at Challenger 7 Memorial Park. Whew! Busy, busy!


The Galindo Family said...

your boys are so stinking cute! and drews smile will melt your heart...what a sweetie!!

The Q. Family said...

Cool website- thanks for sharing! Seeing your boys makes me want a brother for Collin so bad! They are such cuties Laura!! You're doing a fantastic job!

FranklyMartin said...

Your boys are TOO CUTE! Love all their Tech gear! It's so much fun to see your blog and to catch up on you guys!! So glad you contacted me!