Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Festival

I don't want to get behind on posting pictures because after this weekend, we will probably have a lot. We are going non stop this weekend. So here are some videos and pictures of my 2 boys and pictures of Trent at his school's Fall Festival (or Fall Vestibal, as Trent says).
So freakin' cute!

D can sit up inside the Boppy pillow for about 3 seconds before he either falls forward or backward.
Falling forward...

Falling backward...

Trying so hard to get back up!

Trent's class at the Fall Festival on Thursday

I caught a fish!

Pumpkin Bowling


Trent with one of his best buddies, Jayden

Bean Bag Toss

Face painting
Dinosaur Tattoos
And another video--Drew is starting to learn he can do a lot with his mouth. (Pardon the sneezes at the beginning.) He does a lot more than what is in this video, but I swear, the second he sees the camera, he freezes. Little turkey.

Gotta go get the boys and me ready for the Houston Air Show! We've got that today, then the Party in the Patch tonight at the Methodist church (where T's preschool is). Tomorrow Aaron is running the Houston half marathon early in the morning (not sure if the boys and I will make it). Then tomorrow evening is my Mom's Club Halloween party. I'll post pics sometime next week...and then we've got Halloween...and then it's November! Crazy--in a little over 2 months, I will have a 5-year-old son. Does not seem possible. Oh--before I forget--I am so proud of myself, I have almost all of my Christmas shopping DONE! I just have one more thing to get for Aaron (possibly 2). We have to get something for my sister's boyfriend, and I'm pretty sure I know what I want to get him. And we have to get something for our nephews, Kody and Jaxson. Not sure what to get them because I am getting my kids Discovery Toys (because I sell them), but K and J's mommy (my sister-in-law) also sells them, so they probably already have a whole lot of them. So I'll have to think of something else--plus their birthdays are coming up too so I have to think of double the presents. Think I'll email Jenn and ask her for ideas. Okay, now I'm just rambling--I was waiting for that last video to finish uploading, but it's been done for a while now--so I'm really gonna go this time and get ready.

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Melanie L said...

Wow, I think Trent looks like Aaron's twin, and Drew really favors you! They are both adorable!