Friday, August 14, 2009

Pictures from our trip to Pentwater

I am trying to do this quickly because we are heading out of town AGAIN today to go to Port Aransas, TX for the weekend. But I wanted to FINALLY share our pictures from our wonderful trip to Pentwater, MI to visit Aaron's side of the family. We flew into Detroit and spent the 1st weekend at his Aunt Michele's house to celebrate cousin Evan's graduation from high school. Had a big party and lots of fun! Somehow, I didn't end up with very many pictures from Aunt Michele's house. Don't know how, but there are a few!

On Monday, we headed up to Pentwater for the rest of the week and had some more fun, as you can see from the pictures. We went down to the beach (although it was a little chilly). We went to a farm where we got to pet and feed all kinds of animals. Trent really loved that. Trent got to fish a little bit off the channel, we went on Sally and Dennis's boat, and Aaron and I got to go sailing. (Although I didn't do ANY of the work! I just sat there!) Anyway, I need to go pack the boys up for this weekend, so enjoy the pictures, and I will try to post pictures from Drew's birthday party (which was a couple of weeks ago--I'm so behind!) when we get back. And of course, I will post the pictures from this weekend! Can't wait to take my boys to one of my favorite places! :)

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