Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 1--Done!

1 week down, 7 to go in my beginner's running program.

I already posted Days 1 and 2, so I'll start with Day 3...

Day 3--12/15 Tuesday
Run 1 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 10x=total 30 minutes
On the treadmill--I went 2.27 miles and burned 227 calories.

Day 4--12/16 Wednesday
Walk 30 minutes
On the treadmill--1.92 miles, burned 173 calories.

Day 5--12/17 Thursday
Run 1 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 10x=total 30 minutes
On the treadmill--2.32 miles, burned 235 calories

Day 6--12/18 Friday
Run 1 min, Walk 2 min, repeat 10x=total 30 minutes
On the treadmill--2.37 miles, burned 246 calories

Day 7--12/19 Saturday

Weight loss: -2 or 3 lbs. (I fluctuate about this much anyway, so I'm not sure if it's actually weight that I've lost, or just fluctuation.)

I feel pretty good so far. I increased my speed just a tad on my "run" days. I feel like I could push myself a little more when I'm running, but I'm taking it easy so I don't overdo it.

The quote for the week in the article is this...

"Sit as little as possible. Give no credence to any thought that was not born outdoors while moving about freely." --Friedrich Nietzsche

I don't know about the outdoors part because it's been a little chilly lately, :) but I'm trying to follow the "sit as little as possible" part. I tend to get in ruts where I feel like all I do is front of the TV, in front of the computer (which is what I'm doing now!). And then nothing gets done around the house--the laundry and dishes pile up, the house is a mess...and then I get so overwhelmed that I don't know where to start to get any of it done. It's a vicious cycle. So I'm trying to keep moving. I may be exhausted at the end of the day, and I may not get it all done, but if I just keep moving, something is bound to get done! :) Okay, enough deep thought...time to get moving!

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