Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As most of the readers of this blog already know, yes, I am carrying Baby Berger #2! I am 9 weeks along and am due August 6. We are so excited!

Here's my first ultrasound pic.

It was done at 6 weeks, so it's very, very small. I got to see the baby's heartbeat, and I got to hear it too, which is my favorite part! My next appointment is this Friday, January 4, and I'm sure we'll get to hear the heartbeat with a Doppler.

We had an awesome Christmas just the 3 of us. I think we stayed in our PJ's until about 6:00 that evening...a very lazy day! But we had so much fun just spending time together. I love my family so much!

Trent's 4th birthday was yesterday. I cannot believe he is already 4 years old. He is such a big boy, and I can already tell he is going to be an awesome big brother. He's so freakin' sweet! He got a new bike for his birthday--a big boy bike! Here he is with his cool helmet on.

We also went last Sunday to Playhouse Disney Live at the Toyota Center. It was a lot of fun for Trent to see all his favorite characters. Here he is with Daddy, watching the show, followed by some pics of the show itself.

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Wendy & Mike said...

I am so excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about the pregnancy and baby #2!!