Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby boy in 3D and baby shower pics too

I'll get right to it! Here's Baby Drew in 3D!

With his hand in front of his mouth


Sleepy guy

He is measuring (overall) at 34w 4d, but his head is 35w 5d! Yikes! Please pray for me!

Some other news--in the last couple of days, we have found that he really responds to Trent's voice and laughter. It's the coolest thing! These boys are gonna love each other so much! I can't wait.

Here are some pics from my baby shower that was on June 7 (I know it's like 2 weeks later, but I've been way busy!)


Me and Traci

Mom, me, and Traci

Me and my Granny

Me and 2 of my aunts (on Mom's side): Donna and Mary

Me and 2 of my aunts (on Daddy's side): Robin and Anita

My cousin Kristy, me, and Traci

The blanket my mother-in-law made

The quilt my Granny made


In other happy news, I now have 6 more days until I stop working. And I am only working 4 of those days (including today). Tonight is my last night to close (I will NOT miss that one bit!)
Yay! Can't wait!


The Q. Family said...

I love the shower pics Laura, you look beautiful! And I'm so excited for you to stop working...well, of course your job as a full time mother is DEFINITELY still work! :o) CONGRATS!

The Galindo Family said...

thank you for checking out our blog and thanks for the link to yours. i added it onto my page so i can keep up with your boys too! i love the 3d pics of Drew. i think he already looks alike like trent. congrats on your last day of work coming up. i really wish i could do that but i think i will have to work for a while and then maybe in a year or so i will become a stay at home mom...but we will see! good luck, not too much longer!!