Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Splash the Pelican (and now I'm caught up!)

This past weekend, we had a special guest in our home. Trent's class at Happy Harbour Preschool is known as the Pelicans. Each class has a mascot that is harbour/sea-related, such as the Pelicans, Starfish, etc. The Pelican's class "pet" gets sent home with a different child every weekend. Their pet's name is Splash, who is, duh, a pelican. He gets sent home in his own bag with a notebook, and the idea is that each child draws a picture or writes a story (with Mom or Dad's help) in the notebook of his or her adventures with Splash. Trent has been looking forward to this for weeks! Here are some pictures from our weekend with Splash.

Splash and Trent doing a puzzle together

Trent teaching Splash how to get his guns up!

Splash got to meet Drew too!

Splash (cut off because I took this picture of us), Trent, and me

Going to bed

We took Splash to see Madagascar 2 on Saturday.

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The Hines Family said...

Too cute! Love the guns up pic!