Thursday, November 27, 2008

What a difference a year makes

A year ago around this time, we found out we were adding another member to our family. I say "around this time" because it took about 3 days for us to see undoubtedly that it was indeed the infamous pink line showing up. It was actually a "+" sign, but it was pink nonetheless. The first day it was so faint that I wasn't sure, the second day it was a teensy bit darker but I still wasn't sure if I was just wanting it to be there. But the third day, we saw this:

Still faint, but definitely there.

And now instead of a pregnancy test, I am staring at this beautiful face.

The second picture was last weekend in Dallas before the a$$-kicking we suffered by the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners. (You know why Texas doesn't fall off in the Gulf of Mexico? Cuz Oklahoma SUCKS!) But I'm not bitter. Ok, yes, I am. I'm more heartbroken than anything. It literally hurts. I was so certain that this was our year to take it all. But it's okay. We'll live.

We've had a lot going on--again--the last week or so, which is why I haven't posted anything lately. Obviously, there's a shuttle in space right now so Aaron has had to work weird hours lately because they have to have someone from their office on console at all times. Luckily, this time he only had to work one overnight shift. Trent's class had their Thanksgiving feast last Friday before the Thanksgiving break. I got to help out with it since I am one of the "class moms". The kids were so excited and surprisingly, most of them filled themselves up on all the healthy stuff they had for lunch, so they didn't have much room for dessert! Here's a few pics from that day...

Trent and I made this t-shirt--it's not the prettiest thing in the world, but we had fun!

Dominic, Trent, and Jayden at the Pelican's Thanksgiving feast

Eating lunch

Last weekend, we trekked up to the Dallas area for one of Aaron best friend's (Nate) wedding reception. Nate and Angel got married in October in Curacao, so obviously not everyone could make it. So Nate's parents, who live in Coppell, had a reception for them at their house. Since many of the people in attendance are Texas Tech alumni, it mostly turned into a game watching party--which ended up putting a damper on the happiness we were supposed to be feeling for Nate and Angel, but we all ended up inebriated enough that we didn't care about the game anymore.

Here's a slideshow of our weekend...

And here are a couple from Thanksgiving day.

Why only 2 pictures on Thanksgiving, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. After these pictures were taken, Aaron placed the camera on the back bumper of his truck....and forgot about it....and we went to Kroger a little while after these pictures were taken. Need I say more? Well, I'm going to. We got home from the grocery store, and maybe 10 or 15 minutes later, Drew and Trent were doing something picture-worthy, so I asked Aaron to get the camera which is when it dawned on him that he never got the camera off the bumper of his truck. He took off on his bike to look for the camera and found it mangled on the side of the road on the way to Kroger. So I won't be posting any pictures until we can get a new camera, which hopefully will be very soon. Aaron's mom will be sending me all the pictures we took on Thanksgiving so I will post those as soon as I can. They are leaving for Mexico tomorrow though, so I don't expect to get the pictures until they get back. They flew out this morning for Albuquerque and will fly out again tomorrow, so I'm sure they are busy making sure they have everything they need for the trip.
Anyway, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate way too much and have a lot of leftovers. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving!

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