Monday, December 22, 2008

A Farewell to a Legend

We are at my mom's house in Celina now. We got here Saturday morning. At about 2:00 that day, Laura, Kyle, Conly, Amanda, and Ryder showed up at my mom's house. We left all the kids (Trent, Drew, and Ryder--the Freemans had left their kids with Laura's mom in Round Rock) with my mom and sister, and we took off for Irving to go to the last Cowboys game in Texas Stadium. We went to Humperdink's first to eat and have a couple of drinks. Then we went to the stadium to tailgate a little bit in the freezing cold. We had a parking pass for Blue parking, which is the best parking lot at the stadium, so luckily we didn't have to walk very far to get to the game (thanks, Amanda!). It was SOOO cold! We tailgated for about an hour and then headed on in. Surprisingly enough, this was my first Cowboys game to go to. I don't know how that's possible, having grown up in this area, but somehow I have never been to a Cowboys game. So I'm really glad I got to see them in their last one at Texas Stadium, even if we did suffer a humiliating loss. It was very cool just to be there for the farewell. We had really good seats (thanks again, Amanda!) There were lots of former players there, which was really cool--would have been a lot cooler if Troy Aikman had been there, but he had to work (ever heard of a red eye? Come on, Troy!) We wanted to stay for all of the post game stuff, but it was just too cold. We stayed long enough for them to bring out all the former players who were there (so awesome to see Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith walking down the field together--again, Troy should have been there!), and then we booked it for the car. I would have pictures to post, but a.) I'm on my mom's computer and I have no idea how to upload anything to a Mac, and b.) our camera died after I took about 4 pictures, all before the game--idiot! Note to self: always have your camera battery charged before the last game at Texas Stadium! So I have to wait for the Freemans and Geveckers to send me their pictures.

In the meantime, here's a slideshow of pictures from my Mom's Club Christmas party. We had a Santa Claus from the fire department come hand out presents to all the kids. We had to buy a present beforehand for our own child so we could give it to the Santa to hand out. I actually got what Trent had already asked Santa for. It was a $6 monster truck from Walgreens! Easy enough. So Trent was a happy guy. I had a bag full of stuff that I was going to set out for him (from Santa) on Christmas day, but I went off and left it at our house! Dang it! So I had to improvise with some replacement shopping today. I'll give the other stuff to him for his birthday. Anyway, here's the slideshow...

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