Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

As of yesterday (December 9), Drew has officially reached the milestone of rolling over. Now that he's got it down, that's almost the first thing he does when I lay him down on his back. This morning, Aaron got up at 5:30 to feed him, and he was on his tummy. Drew always goes back to sleep after his first bottle, so Aaron put him down on his back. When I went in the room to get him up at about 9:00, he was again on his tummy sleeping like, well, a baby.

I'm so proud that he has reached this milestone! This is the first step toward mobilization, which is good and bad! Before I know it, he'll be walking around getting into stuff. That will be quite an adjustment for us. I remember when Trent started getting into stuff, and we couldn't have any "pretty things" on any bottom shelves anywhere in the house. Trent has understood for quite some time what he can and can't touch, so we now have lots of "pretties" at low levels. I don't know what we're going to do when Drew starts getting into these things! Although I can almost guarantee that Trent will be good at policing the things that Drew shouldn't touch. He's so bossy! :) Anyway, I am very proud of my Baby Drew, and I'm sure I have nothing to worry about because he will just be an absolute angel! Right?

Also we have sort of started Drew on cereal. We're not really strict about when we give it to him or even about giving it to him every day (although I think since we started, he has had at least a little bit once a day). So far, he is so-so with it. He seems interested, but he gets tired of it pretty quickly, so he never gets very much. I'm attaching some pictures of his first attempt at cereal and some other stuff as well.

Our Christmas tree

Nativity scene

We're pretty proud of how this turned out.

Tummy time

This is how I found him one morning last week.

Fell asleep wearing his Texas Tech hat

Happy boy

First attempt at cereal

And...we're done

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