Friday, June 12, 2009

Trent's Preschool Graduation and Last Day of School Picnic

Here's a slide show and a video from Trent's preschool graduation from Happy Harbour Early Childhood Program. He had a great year at Happy Harbour. There are also some pictures on the slide show from the family picnic on the last day of school. We had perfect weather that day. It was warm, but we had a nice breeze blowing through. I wish I had gotten video of Trent getting his "diploma" because he cracked the whole room up. I wish I could describe it, but you would just have to see it. He basically did a really dorky run across the stage to his teachers. Everybody that I talked to said that it was "so Trent"! He is definitely a class clown! I couldn't even get a good picture of him getting his diploma--couldn't find the right setting on our camera. The video I have on here is all the graduating kids singing. I couldn't tell you what they are saying, but I like to watch Trent's antics and all the kids' reactions to the song. So cute!

Kindergarten--here he comes!

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The Hines Family said...

Your boys are too precious!!!