Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 months old

Today was Drew's 2 month well baby appointment with Dr. Reynolds. We had to go to their temporary location because their office was, in their words, "devastated" by Hurricane Ike. Such a harsh word. I haven't driven by their regular office, but I asked the nurse what happened and she said they had roof damage and the office was flooded. So now they are remodeling. Anyway, here are the stats on my little Drewski!

Weight: 12 lbs., 2 ozs. - 50th percentile
Height: 23 inches - 50th percentile
Head circumference: 40 cm - you guessed it, 50th percentile

He's just an average guy! I thought he would at least be 13 lbs. because he has been feeling a lot heavier lately. Trent was a whopping 14 lbs. at 2 months, so we're doing better this time at maintaining a healthy weight for our baby boy. He got 4 immunizations today. One was an oral vaccine that was sugary tasting--he LOVED that! The other 3 were shots. :( He didn't like those so much, but he didn't cry very long. It actually worked out perfectly because they gave him the shots right before he was due to eat, so I was able to soothe him with a bottle right after the shots were over.

Today is Trent's first day back at school and he was so excited! He was ready to go, shoes on and everything, an hour before it was time to go! Usually I have to tell him a few times to go get his shoes on, but that boy was ready to go. He's so sweet.

Here are some pics of Drew.


That smile just melts me!

The chair pic


The Q. Family said...

His smile is precious!! Glad the doc's office went well. Out of curiousity, are you still BF? Is it going well? Just wondering because I know you sortof struggled BF Trent (similar situation with me and Collin) so just wondering what to expect next time around. Thanks sweetie!

Sally said...

Hi Laura and Aaron,
I love this blog. You are so good about keeping it updated, Laura. I LOVE the pictures. Drew is getting cuter and cuter everyday. Trent looks good too; he is really growing up. He must have had so much fun on the farm. I'm so glad he has so many opportunites to be with your family and friends.
Hope your days are going well.
Love ya'll.

Katie said...

Oh, Laura. I absolutely love pictures of sleeping babies! And yours is so very precious. Both your boys are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing pictures of them.