Friday, September 5, 2008

So much going on!

I have been bad the last week or so trying to keep up with my blogging! We've had a very busy week--lots of pictures to share! Drew turned a month old on August 28th, and I absolutely cannot believe a month has gone by! I know it's so cliche, but it's true how fast time flies. I'm so glad I'm not going back to work because there is no way I would be ready at this point. He'll be 6 weeks old on Monday, and that's another thing I can't believe. I can't imagine going back to working 44 hours a week, nights and weekends included. No, thanks!

Here's a picture of him at one month old--konked out in the recliner!

We went to Lake LBJ (west of Austin) for Labor Day weekend. Conly's mom has a lake house up there, so we met up with Conly, Amanda, and Ryder for a fun-filled weekend. Laura, Kyle, and their boys were supposed to be there too, but Garrett was sick so just Laura, Kyle, and Carson came on Saturday. We ate way too much all weekend and had such a good time. The guys went out on the boat and went tubing on Saturday while the girls stayed at the house with the kids and gabbed and gossiped all day. It rained for a little while, but not too long. Drew was awake during the day a lot, which was nice. He is such a good baby. Here's a bunch of pictures from the weekend.

Amanda holding Drew

Grilling some pork chops

We call this "Redneck Sack Race"--yes, that's a Miller Lite box

This is what I like to see--the men taking care of the kids!

Drew and Trent chillin' on the floor

Amanda and Ryder

Me enjoying a delicious margarita

Trent holding Ryder

Scary coffee Laura

Conly getting ready to go tubing

Kyle and Laura enjoying the view from the balcony

Conly and Ryder

Trent playing with Carson

Carson was a riot at dinner--he just smiles all the time and we were having so much fun making him laugh that night. Never thought the 6 of us would be sitting around hysterically laughing at a 6 month old!

Drew, Ryder, and Conly--I just love this picture!

Trent and Daddy on the boat

Aaron, Trent, and Conly going swimming

Drew in his swimming duds--he didn't get in the water, but he just looked so cute!

Conly and Trent in the water

The boys in the water

Conly with my 2 boys

Trent had his first day at his new preschool on Tuesday. He really likes it there. Sadly, he only got to go 2 days this week because he has pink eye--fun times. He has been home with me today and yesterday. He goes to school Tuesday through Friday, so only 3 more days of hearing him complain about not getting to go to school!

Here he is on his first day:

It was so nice outside this morning so Trent, Drew, and I sat out on the back patio for a while.

I told Trent to say "Cheese" like he always does, and he said it as a question..."Cheese?" and the picture came out like this:

So cute!

These are from this afternoon....
Baby Drew on the quilt that my sister made for Trent when he was a baby

I got out Trent's old pop-up baby gym for Drew today and Trent helped me set it up...

Wait--I thought this was for Drew!

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Christy said...

I'm so glad to hear that ya'll are OK - I need to get your email - I know this post doesn't match your fun weekend pictures!!! We're ok too - we stayed with my parents. It was pretty scary but we have been SO lucky. I hope ya'lls house is ok too - we're wondering about our new neighborhood . . .