Monday, September 29, 2008

We're back

Trent, Drew, and I finally made it back home last Tuesday. Things have been crazy with trying to get back into a routine. Trent's school didn't start back until today, and since he only goes Tuesday-Friday, he doesn't start back until tomorrow. We've been playing as much as possible to make sure he's not bored. (Play dates are a wonderful thing!) Luckily, he plays really well by himself, so when Drew needs my full attention, Trent is usually resourceful enough to entertain himself for a while. I took TONS of pictures while we were at my mom's. We had a nice little "hurrication", especially once we knew our house was okay. I'll get right to the pictures because there are lots!

These are from before we left...Drew was just starting to really smile at that point, so of course I was trying to get a good shot of him smiling. No picture does that sweet smile justice though! Here's a couple of attempts at capturing it.

He LOVES the monkey on his bouncer. He just stares at it and is starting to "talk" to it. You can see the monkey on the front side of the bouncer and there's one directly on the other side that he's looking at.

Now here's the pics from when we were up at my mom's.

My Granny holding Drew

Aaron cuddling with Romeo--aww!

Aunt Traci's first time to hold her new nephew

Trent wrestling with Rhett

Watching the Tech game 9/13--Get your guns up!

Me and Drew watching the game

Grams playing with both of her grandsons

Trent and Drew taking a nap together

My 2 best buds (Jennifer and Becky) with Drew

Last Saturday 9/20, my mom, Trent, Drew, and I drove to my mom's best friend Jo Alice's house in East Texas for a visit. Jo Alice has a friend (Teresa) that has a dairy barn nearby, so we went there and Trent got to do some really cool stuff that I know he will never forget!

Trent with Jo Alice's cat Babalu--the cat weighs 22 pounds!

Jo Alice holding Drew

Chasing chickens!

He got to gather the eggs that the chickens had laid. The little girl is Emily, who is Teresa's granddaughter.

He also got to hold a chicken! How cool!

And there it went

Let's go chase it!

Teresa got it back for him.

Watching the cows get milked

Feeding the calves--have you ever seen a happier kid?

Helping Grams cook Sunday lunch

Trent and Bocephus, the deer that thinks it's a dog--at Keith and my aunt Mary's house

The rest of these are pictures I snapped on the drive back home on Tuesday. I'm really glad I already knew that my house was okay because if I had been driving through Houston seeing this stuff not knowing how my house was, I would have been freaking out. I apologize for the quality of some of these pics--I was driving so I would see something and just aim the camera at it and hope I got it in the shot.

I didn't see a single McDonald's sign that was still intact--and I probably passed by at least 15 of them from north Houston to my house. Guess they didn't plan on a Cat 2 hurricane.

That's supposed to say "Exclusive Furniture" doesn't.
This is at the exit to go to my house. When I left, I could have sworn there was a traffic light hanging from that cable--not anymore.
Drew turned 2 months old yesterday! His 2 month doctor's appointment is tomorrow so I will post stats and pics then.

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So glad that y'all are back and getting settled!