Wednesday, July 9, 2008

36 Weeks

I had my weekly doctor's appointment today. Nothing to report really. I'm up 34 pounds overall, BP is good, baby's HR is 147, which it has been for weeks now. I have been having some more intense Braxton-Hicks contractions lately, but my doctor seemed happy about that. I'm guessing it's because that just means my body is practicing for the big day. I am not dilated at all yet. Dr. Taylor thinks that Drew is about 6.5 lbs. right now. And we are getting another ultrasound next week to determine if she's right or not! Yea! I love ultrasounds! Anyway, not much else to report--at this point, my appointments are really quick unless I have any questions or concerns.

We went last night and bought most of the rest of the stuff on our registry, so we are now pretty much ready for this baby to come. I just need to wash everything--sheets, clothes--and I need to go through Trent's old stuff to see what we can use for Drew. Drew is coming at the complete opposite season as Trent (winter in Colorado vs. summer in Houston--yeah, can't get much more different!), so I'm not sure some of Trent's stuff is going to fly with this baby. But we also have gotten lots of new stuff for Drew from family and friends. I've also GOT to clean out Drew's closet--such a mess!

Last weekend we went to Dallas for the 4th, and that is definitely our last trip before the baby comes. By the end of the drive back, I was so uncomfortable that I literally felt like jumping out of the car while it was moving. It almost felt like restless leg syndrome. I couldn't stop moving to try and get in a more comfortable position, but there was nowhere to go so I was pretty much just wiggling around in my seat. Weird. Anyway, we had a great time up there. We were going pretty much nonstop the whole time, which was tiring for all of us, but lots of fun. Last road trip just the 3 of us. Wow.

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Katie said...

I can so relate to the squirmy feeling. We made a trip from Wichita Falls to Dallas for Thanksgiving when I was about 35 weeks with Josh. On the way home, I could not sit still for anything. It would not have mattered what I was promised - I couldn't sit still for ANYTHING! I made my poor husband and kids stop about 6 times in 2 1/2 hours. I'll never forget it. I've never heard anybody else describe that feeling, but I know exactly what you are talking about.